Surprise Coffee: Testimonials of Coffee Growers

Surprise Coffee: Testimonials of Coffee Growers


I hope you are very well. This is Enio passing by to greet you with a cup in hand. I don't want to take up too much of your time, but I did want to share with you some super cool updates that have happened with the Surprise Café Subscription in recent months.

We have been using the Surprise Café Subscription for about 17 months now and little by little we have been able to validate our hypothesis. Talking with clients, we were able to realize that there was an intrigue in learning about the different artisan coffee brands that exist in Puerto Rico. In fact, this week we were talking with some of our subscribers and the greatest value they find in the subscription is that from the comfort of their homes they are learning about the different coffees in Puerto Rico, and that this practice has given them a address to find your favorite cafe. As a curious fact, another common denominator has been that they see the subscription as an economic engine with a direct impact on the coffee grower's pocket and that gives them great satisfaction.

What began as a test with only 20 subscribers, but with great enthusiasm, in February 2021, 17 months later it has a community of over 800 subscribers who receive a coffee from a different producer every month. We have been able to pass on this trust that they have delegated to us to the producers who collaborate with us, since we guarantee a sustainable purchase for them and we make the payment in the same delivery.

Coffee Grower Testimonials

Being able to be at Café Sorpresa has helped me not have to worry about the month's payroll for farm workers, among other things. - Alfonso Perez, Terrafe - Juana Diaz

With my last Café Sorpresa I was able to reinvest in the farm and in a tasting room that I had yet to build. In addition, this is not only beneficial for me as a small businessman, Café Sorpresa makes it possible for me to employ workers from the neighborhood and thus provide for their families. - Jimmy González, Café Papamín - San Sebastián

You support the coffee industry in Puerto Rico, but not only that, you also support the small merchant that we are. They promote our brand and that has been super positive for La Casona Specialty Coffee. This exhibition motivates us a lot to move forward. This year I have the goal of rebranding the brand to be able to present it better. - Artemio Valentin, Café La Casona - Las Marías.

We are very happy with Café Sorpresa because it has been a great opportunity to bring our special selections to those amateur coffee growers who like to try different things. I can also find out about customer feedback and that is a positive element. - Alberto Méndez, Aromas del Campo - Utuado

As Producers, Café Sorpresa gives us the possibility of reaching more people than it would be difficult for us with our own efforts. In addition, working with the Cuela team has been a tremendous experience. There is a relationship of trust and everything they say is fulfilled. - Alberto Atienza, Hacienda Prosperidad, Jayuya

Belonging to Café Sorpresa has opened doors for us in different parts of the world and has greatly helped us to make our coffee known. The guys from Cuela are great connoisseurs of coffee and a dream team. Thank you for the opportunity. - Anette Giuliani, Hacienda Salomon, Juana Diaz

From left to right: Juan Bibiloni, Joey Stazonne, Enio A. Suasnávar, Alberto Méndez and Gustavo Fadhel.

Café Sorpresa has become a real commitment to the Puerto Rico Coffee Industry and we are not going to let it fall. We are excited to know that while we grow in subscribers, the economic income will be more valuable for the coffee grower, who will be able to use that money to reinvest in the farm and improve the quality of their product. Exhibiting and exporting Puerto Rican coffee locally and internationally has been our mission since day zero, and when we do it in a sustainable way, it motivates us even more.

With your help we can continue to increase our subscriber base in order to more significantly impact the Puerto Rico Coffee industry.

If you have not yet tried the Surprise Coffee Subscription, click here for more information. We also include our blog about the famous reason behind Café Sorpresa. Remember that everything in life has to start with a reason. Thank you, thank you, and thank you. Without your support I couldn't tell you all these beautiful things that have happened in the last 17 months.

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Yolanda febus nieves

Yolanda febus nieves

Saludos, me interesa

Saludos, me interesa

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Luz zaida negron silva

Me interesa mucho

Me interesa mucho

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