What Happens When You Buy in Cuela?

What Happens When You Buy in Cuela?

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As soon as you buy a product in Cuela, the wheel of the Puerto Rican mountain economy begins to turn. We commit ourselves every week to buy a minimum inventory of all the brands with which we collaborate. In fact, in quarantine as a startup, we were able to support them in purchasing much of their inventory. To give you an idea, from January 21, 2020 to October 2020, Cuela has bought some 5,000 units of coffee from small coffee growers and roasters, and this is thanks to you. For this reason, we want to share with you the benefits of shopping in Cuela.

  1. You directly impact the mountain economy, contributing to the sustainability of the area and of the families that live from coffee and agriculture.
  1. You get a fresh, high-quality product made by Puerto Rican companies that consistently seek to optimize their product.
  1. You support the coffee industry, the most resilient we have in Puerto Rico.
  1. You support a small Puerto Rican startup created by young Puerto Ricans that seeks to give presence to the artisan coffee brands of Puerto Rico.

    Our commitment is to honor the coffee industry in Puerto Rico through our service. The industry has been around since 1736 and has gone through ups and downs, devastating natural phenomena, such as Hurricane Maria that almost wiped out the coffee industry in Puerto Rico, and climate changes that make coffee growing even more complicated. It is up to us as Puerto Ricans to keep it alive. We are going through a great moment in which the coffee grower, roaster and barista continue to educate themselves in order to honor our Puerto Rican coffee.

    This is an effort that we will achieve collectively and that is why we invite you to join us in this adventure of the third wave of coffee in Puerto Rico. Through Cuela, you will consistently get to know the different coffees that are produced and made on our island. There is much left to explore in our industry and your support is vital for a coffee farmer to get up every day to cultivate and harvest what would become his cup of coffee.

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