Café La Casona, un café producto de la inspiración familiar

La Casona Premium Coffee, a coffee produced with a lot of family inspiration directly from Las Marías, Puerto Rico.

Coffee farmer Artemio Valentín has been cultivating and harvesting excellent coffee since 1989.

Every time we include a new coffee in Cuela, it motivates us a lot, and especially with this one, because we are including a new town in the coffee zone that we didn't have before.

On this occasion we present the great work and pride of Don Artemio Valentín; farmer and coffee grower by birth thanks to the great influence that his grandfather and his father had on him. This influence has been of such magnitude that when his father dies, he decides to continue his legacy and continue producing excellent coffee in the Palma Escrito neighborhood in Las Marías.

After several years growing and selling grapes and processing coffee, Artemio decided to turn his family business around and created his brand, La Casona Specialty Coffee, in 2007.

This coffee comes from a height of 1,420 feet above sea level. The practices that Artemio is carrying out on the farm are very good, because, although he has 35 ropes with different Arabica varieties, such as Limaní, Frontón and Caturra, he is also dividing one piece only for the Frontón variety. This is a variety that is very resistant to pests and, in turn, gives a very good cup.

On the coffee processing side, Artemio processes his coffee in the "washed" method and sun dried, creating a very clean and consistent cup. When tasting La Casona Specialty Coffee, you will notice notes of caramel, brown sugar and chocolate. If you are a lover of medium roasts, you will enjoy a cup of this little coffee.

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Written by Enio A Suasnávar Torres

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