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Cafe La Casona

Origin: Written Palm, Las Marías

Farm: Hacienda Palma Escrito

Altitude: 1,420 psnm

Varieties: Frontón, Limaní and Caturra

Process: Washed and dried in the sun

Roast: Medium

Description on cup: A clean and balanced cup. You'll find notes of brown sugar, chocolate, and caramel aftertaste.

Don Luis Coffee

Origin: Yauco, Puerto Rico

Farm: Fincas Luis Roig Inc.

Altitude: 2,500 p.a.s.l.

Varieties: Limaní, Frontón, Obata, Caturra and Borbón

Process: Washing – Sun Drying

Roast: Medium

Description in the cup: Clean cup, balanced acidity, residual notes of chocolate, brown sugar and a slight flavor of soft fruits.

Terrafé Coffee

Origin: Toro Negro, Juana Díaz

Farm: Hacienda Guindaleza

Altitude: 3,000 masl
Varieties: Limaní, Catuaí

Process: Washed

Roasted: Dark
Description in the cup: Dense cream, balanced acidity, notes of caramel and chocolate.

Intense dark chocolate notes combined with the aroma and flavor of the extensive roasting process.