Cuela Coffee Shop: The Tangible Experience

Cuela Coffee Shop: The Tangible Experience

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Three years and 1,095 days after launching Cuela e-commerce, we finally  open  our first Cuela store. Honestly, I never thought that this new venture was going to happened so quickly but  the business model together with customer discovery started asking for a space in which the experience of  Cuela could be expressed in a tangible way.

Cuela was born with the purpose of exposing and creating the stories of Puerto Rican Coffee growers and roasters. Our hypothesis was that with an online platform we could create an easier and more direct access to coffee lovers in Puerto Rico and in the world. Three years later we have managed to handle over 30,000 coffee orders from Puerto Rico to thousands of customers in Puerto Rico and in the diaspora around the world. We have been able to validate that Cuela as an e-commerce is a real solution that helps coffee growers generate consistent sales that they did not have before. We also created Surprise Coffee, a subscription model that impacts a different producer every month. Café Sorpresa has a subscription base of over 1,000 subscribers who are aware of the great impact that their money does in Puerto Rico’s Coffee Industry.

It has been an extremely gratifying journey in which we have been able to meet wonderful customers who support Cuela and many of them asked us about a physical store where they could taste the coffee of their choice. Finally we can say that Cuela already has its Coffee Shop. What will we do in this space? Create the tangible experience of what we offer in our e-commerce. Coffee is a sensory experience and we recognize that this element is limited through an online platform. When you visit us you will always be able to try three different coffees and two of them will be rotated weekly or monthly. We have cold coffee based drinks and hot and cold teas. You can also enjoy a variety of breakfasts, sandwiches and pastries made locally. Can you buy coffee in the shop? Yes, we have a wide variety of beans and you can also place your order online and pick it up at the coffee shop while you enjoy a nice cup of coffee ouf our baristas.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Coffee Shop to give you the full Cuela experience. Upon entering you will feel as if you were inside the online platform but without losing sight of the coziness of a coffee shop. There are countless ideas that we will be carrying out in this space. It is just the beginning, and we want you to be part of this great advance of Cuela. Visit us from Monday to Friday from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm at Cuela Coffee Shop.

We are located at Calle Carazo 46 in the heart of Guaynabo, Puerto Rico.

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