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Cuela is an online platform that connects coffee lovers with coffee growers and gourmet roasteries in Puerto Rico. It was born out of the nostalgia felt by its founders and coffee enthusiasts while living outside of Puerto Rico. Neither in Spain nor the United States could they find quality, freshly roasted Puerto Rican coffee, so they decided to challenge the status quo and make the best handcrafted local coffee available to the diaspora and people worldwide. In addition, Cuela is very proud to be the only subscription-based e-commerce company in the United States that offers top-quality Puerto Rican coffee.

Our Process


Support the coffee industry in Puerto Rico, especially brands that emerged after Hurricane María and are doing exceptional work to keep the production growing.


Get To Know the Founders of Cuela

Enio A. Suasnávar Torres

He is a public relations and marketing professional whose love for his country and desire to get involved in the business world made his professional life take a 180-degree turn and led him to venture into the coffee industry. Enio began to work as a barista at the Coffee Museum in Ciales. He learned everything related to coffee: from preparing the aromatic elixir to roasting and quality control. He continued his development as a barista in other coffee shops in the metropolitan area of ​​Puerto Rico, such as Tazón Coffee Shop and Café Don Ruiz in Old San Juan. His desire to contribute to the coffee industry in Puerto Rico led him to be one of Cuela’s founding members.

Carlos Sánchez Nieves

He defines himself as a lover of agriculture, exercise, and meditation. In addition to graduating in Agronomy from the UPR of Mayagüez, Carlitos, as he is affectionately called, is a tireless innovation enthusiast. He discovered this passion when he attended graduate studies in Madrid and has developed it by serving as a business strategist in various entrepreneurial projects in Puerto Rico. His philosophy is that life is continuous learning. For this reason, he did not hesitate to join Cuela and contribute his knowledge to the company by organizing the execution plans in ​​logistics and web development.

Gustavo Fadhel Carballo

Gustavo is a calculator by nature. Needless to say, he is in charge of Cuela's finances and all quantifiable directions. Although introverted, he is characterized by taking action in difficult times. His expertise as a CPA has been a key piece in guiding Cuela along the paths of fiscal responsibility, but even more so his understanding and empathy with the team has contributed to the development of the company.

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