The reason behind Cuela and why does exist

The reason behind Cuela and why does exist

The passion for coffee and four our Industry makes us search for the most mysterious coffee farms in our island. Farms that almost no one knows about and that have been producing coffee for more than a century.

This is the case of Hacienda Masini of the coffee farmer, Ángela Masini. We had the honor of visiting Hacienda Masini for the first time a few weeks ago and I dare say that it has the best microclimates to produce Specialty coffee in Yauco, Puerto Rico. The visit was quite an adventure, since we didn't even have power we were able to immerse ourselves in the most intimate part of that Yaucano coffee plantation to pick coffee.

This is precisely part of our purpose, of why Cuela exists. We are not trying to sell you a coffee because that would be very easy. We are cautiously looking for coffee growers and roasters who are equally or more passionate than us about presenting a special product to the market.

Cuela Team and Ángela Maisini

Cuela Team and Ángela Masini listening to stories of Hacienda Masini

Now, have you asked yourself why does Cuela exists, what is its reason for being and why do we continue?

I'll do this explanation in three stages: Why, How and What.

The first thing is that we have the economic progress of Puerto Rico as our north and we believe that coffee is a cultural element that will contribute incalculably to our economy and society.


At Cuela we think different, we have a dream of catapulting Puerto Rican coffee as one of the best in the world again. We believe in challenging the Status Quo of coffee consumption in Puerto Rico by encouraging the consumption of specialty coffee.


Creating and exposing the stories of our small coffee farmers locally and internationally.


We happened to sell their coffee. Want to buy one...?

Our Why is what makes us get up early every day to be able to give the best of ourselves to our coffee-loving community and above all conscious of the well-being of our country.

Thank you for being part of this journey and having the consciousness of why we do it and not what we do. It is thanks to you that Cuela brings value and trust to our coffee growers. It is thanks to you that we will continue and it is thanks to you that the Puerto Rico Coffee Industry will overcome every obstacle on its way.


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